Clearance - PILGRIMS DISC 50cm Teal

Clearance - PILGRIMS DISC 50cm Teal

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All Bowman frames use a threaded bottom bracket. Super easy to fit at home with a single tool, they are a very reliable system. All major crank and component manufacturers have a crank that will fit straight out of the box and without the need for adapters.

The English threaded bottom bracket is the perfect, solid and reliable option

Bowman Cycles Pilgrims Disc Bottom Bracket
Bowman Cycles Pilgrims Disc Seat tube


Keeping everything in line with a powerful rider smashing away at the cranks, whilst maintaining comfort is quite a tricky conundrum – the Flair Square seat tube is our solution.

Designed to reduce sideways deflection, the shape allows us to use a smaller, 27.2 seatpost whilst maintaining the power transfer sensations associated with large diameter seat-tubes. It’s also quite a bit lighter than a thicker walled round tube


Through axles and disc brakes go together like Belgians and cross winds.The solid fixture helps keep the rotor and caliper aligned by reducing twisting in both the frame and the fork. The Pilgrims Disc comes with both QR and bolt through axles in the box, so you have a choice of fast, tool free access, or clean, secure fitting requiring a standard 6mm Allen key for removal

Flat Mount brake caliper mounts are used throughout with adapters to run flat mount calipers on 140 or160mm rotors are included.

Bowman Cycles Pilgrims Disc Dropouts Brake Mount
Bowman Cycles Pilgrims Disc Fork Mudguards


Wrapping your wheels with well-fixed guards is the secret to staying both warm and dry, maximising the enjoyment year-round. They’re an essential part of year-round riding for riders with similar seasonality and weather to the UK.

The Pilgrims Disc uses permanent, threaded fixings for all mounting points on the forks, crown, dropout and seat-stay bridge. A mounting hole on the chain-stay bridge allows for a variety of final fix solutions depending on the mudguard brand.


Bowman aluminium frames come supplied with a stainless steel cartridge bearing headset. High spec, CNC Machined surfaces finished to high spec during final manufacturing processes, ensuring they are parallel, and perpendicular to the frames centreline.

With an integrated headsets simplicity of assembly, a major headache is removed for any home build thanks to the lack of specialist tools required – giving great performance from the box.

Bowman Cycles Pilgrims Disc Headtube



At Bowman, we focus on creating the best performing, most attainable bikes we can. For us, that means singing the praises of a material we believe in wholeheartedly: 6069 - aluminium.

Focusing on the important parts of what makes a great bike - handling, reliability, performance and day to day usability - we open up the world of the superbike without requiring a second mortgage.

By maximising the strengths of the material, shaping tubes, varying wall thicknesses and double heat-treating the frames during manufacturing we squeeze every last ounce of performance at a price that belies the performance and means superb handling bikes are available to every level of cyclist.

What's in the box?

Included with the frame and fork you also get:

Headset, Expanding Bung, Top Cap with bolt, Derailleur Hanger, Seat Clamp, Flat mount 140/160 brake mounts, QR and Bolted thru axles and Frame Protectors.



Front mech type

Bottom bracket

Stem dimension

Front axle spacing

Rear axle spacing

Brake mount

Rotor size options

Cable routing

Seat clamp size

Max. tyre clearance


Braze on

Threaded: 68mm

1:1/8” steerer tube

12 x 100mm

12 x 142mm

Flat mount

140 or 160mm

Internal, full outer

30.9mm (included)

32mm - 30mm w/ guards

Brake mounting bolts

Front Brake mounts - M5 (maximum thread length inside fork is 12mm)

Rear brake - M5, we recommend bolts with a thread length of 24-25mm for most manufacturers calipers, the bolts supplied with your brake caliper may not be the correct length as dropout depth and mount depth are not standardised and differ between manufacturers.


ROAD.CC - ★★★★

"Offers an even smoother ride than the original while still maintaining all of the versatility that makes for a great endurance steed"


"Can handle everything from a flat-out club run, to an audax, to a bit of off roading."


"A fantastic, durable, all- round bike suitable for year-round riding"


Getting a bike that’s fits is a vital, yet often underrated part of the whole cycling experience. Riding the correct size bike can, not only, make the difference between winning and losing but a poorly sized frame can ruin the ride itself with back and joint pain.

We would always recommend getting good fitting advice from someone who’s opinion you trust, possibly a professional fitter who will be able to interpret our geometry data to determine what size is best for you. We're always happy to help with sizing advice and comparing geometries.

Each person has a preferred riding style and bike set-up so nothing is set in stone when it comes to sizing. The chart below shows a guide for which size of Bowman frame we recommend based purely on height and inseam.





We currently only sell our frames direct via our website – this way you can ensure you get the best price.



We have a range of demo bikes which are available to test if you are local to us - or would like to visit – at our headquarters in Brockley, South East London. We can promise great coffee (and tea is available if that’s your thing). We also occasionally meet customers in Central London if you are unable to get to us.


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We ship worldwide on all products, shipping costs are:

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Customers in Malaysia and Singapore should contact our Malaysian distributor The Cyclist Wardrobe. We can't ship to these countries.



We offer a five-year warranty against material or workmanship failure for the original owner. Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms.



If you have a problem with your frame set and the issue cannot be resolved via email (email is always the fastest way of getting in touch with us, so please do try this first) and your frame needs to be returned to us, you are responsible for the shipping cost. Once we have checked the frame over and determined the cause of the problem we will inform you how it can be resolved.

If the problem is deemed to be a material or workmanship issue we will then offer either repair, wherever possible, a replacement or a full refund. We will also refund the cost you as the customer paid to have the frame returned to us. Any warranty replacement will be shipped free of charge, even for international customers.  


If you paid via PayPal and we action a refund, please allow one working day for the funds to credit your account.

If you paid for your frame using a credit card and have been informed by us that we have actioned your refund, the refund can take 3-8 working days. We have no control over this timeframe. Once we release the funds the length of time the funds take to credit your account is determined by the relationship between your bank/card company and the secure 3rd party payment gateway we use (Stripe Payments). Times may vary, so please check with your bank/credit card company first. You should be able to see that a payment in due to your account, even if it has not shown on your statement

If the problem is deemed to be a material or workmanship issue we will then offer either repair, wherever possible, a replacement or a full refund. We will also refund the cost you as the customer paid to have the frame returned to us. Any warranty replacement will be shipped free of charge, even for international customers.