Bowman is all about people and the perfect recipe is always a balance. For us, it’s a split between the people here in the office, and our customers out on the roads and trails.

Spirit and passion are the main ingredients in every Bowman Cycles frame-set; the first ideas and subsequent details conceived astride the saddle.

We at Bowman love riding and racing; our experience on two wheels is what leads to an honest understanding of the elemental pleasure of cycling. We simply want our passion to transfer to everyone who throws a leg over a Bowman top-tube.





After a lifetime of riding bikes, and a couple of decades working through product management, marketing, testing, journalism, design and writing within the bike industry, I have found myself at the helm of a bike brand that sprung from nowhere but my imagination and experience.

From BMX racing in my youth, through my teen and twenties mountain biking in the UK and beyond, to road racing and adventures after moving south. My aim is for Bowman Cycles to encapsulate every moment I have ever spent on two wheels. To capture the smile and sense of fun that every good ride gives you.




I’m probably much like you, my thoughts are almost continually filled with thoughts of bikes, bike rides, cycling equipment and cycling kit. My social media feeds flow with news from the peloton, press releases from manufacturers and pretty pictures of bikes and kit.

I ride my bikes a lot and cover almost every discipline. In the winter I race CX in the local league, it’s good, hard and fair racing but really I do it for the craic. Throughout the rest of the year I ride on the road with a local club, do a bit of racing and try and do as many long distance adventures as possible. I love the freedom cycling offers and bike packing seems to epitomise that.

Favourite cycling discipline? Wow, straight in with the tough ones, it’s like trying to pick your favourite bike! I’m not fussy and regularly ride CX, road and MTB.

Where is your favourite place to ride? Northumberland is pretty hard to beat – empty countryside, rolling hills and most importantly some great cyclist cafes.

How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding for about 10 years.

Best ever day on the bike? I did the Liege-Bastogne-Liege sportive a couple of years ago and it was perfect. The sun shone all day, my legs didn’t seem to tire and the route was in the main very beautiful.

Day job? I’m an acoustic consultant which means I design the acoustic response of buildings like schools, theatres and hospitals.

What do you do when you’re not on your bike?  I probably do too much thinking and talking about bikes when I’m not actually riding them but I can (just about) multi-task so I can combine that with walking my dog.


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I started riding a bike for the purposes of cross training as a runner in 2012, got bitten by the racing bug in 2014 and have never looked back. I’m now just starting my second full racing season and first year on a supported team – Team 22 WRT.

Last year I finished studying my A Levels and am taking a break from education to relax a bit and enjoy riding and racing my bike. You’ll generally find me riding my road bike up in the Peak District or on the Cheshire plains or on my track bike at Manchester velodrome.

Favourite cycling discipline? Road

Where is your favourite place to ride? The Peak District

How long have you been riding? 4 years

Best ever day on the bike? A 6 hour day I did with some lovely guys I met en route while training out near Valencia, Spain earlier this year, including the Vall d’Ebo climb

Day job? I work at the Rapha Cycle Club in Manchester

What do you do when you’re not on your bike? I’m always trying to learn new things, and I really love languages; my latest project is learning to speak Dutch


I’m a slight cycling obsessive. I’m not a gearhead, I won’t bore you with my Strava results, I don’t really watch cycling on TV, I don’t care about your groupset…  I do love seeing what route you did, which seaside town you rode to, how painful that hill was or discussing how much fun you had on a bike. I’m really interested in the experiences and escapism I, and others, find through cycling. I’m new to road cycling and still completely enthralled by all the experiences that are possible with it.

Favourite cycling discipline? I love all forms of cycling so quite hard to say. I came from many years of mountain biking but have got really into road cycling in the last few years. This opened up a whole new world for me and being able to have so much fun directly from the front door has been eye opening. Audax and long distance rides have been a particular favourite although cyclocross and longer adventures on a do-it-all type of bike are my latest interest. That said, you can’t beat flying down a twisty bit of singletrack on a mountain bike

Where is your favourite place to ride? The picturesque meandering lanes of Kent. The route to Whitstable along the Pilgrims Way is a personal favourite on a sunny day, especially with a tailwind – unfortunately the two are rarely combined

How long have you been riding? Since 1992. Road cycling for 3 years

Best ever day on the bike? Whilst not a ‘classic’ event or alpine climb, the Dunwich Dynamo in 2014 is still the highlight for me. Riding almost 200km with friends was great and a huge personal achievement at the time. Seeing flashes of lightning as dawn rose over the horizon as we approached the Suffolk coast also added to the incredible atmosphere of it all. There were so many people on all sorts of bikes, riding for the sheer joy of it and it was so good to be part of that

Day job? I’m an architect in a practice in central London and also spend time working as an architectural photographer outside of that. I like to keep busy

What do you do when you’re not on your bike? Think about cycling and my next adventure