Replacing the rear mech hanger on the Palace frameset


Introduction: if you need to change the hanger on the back of the Palace frameset, here is a step by step guide on how you should go about it.

You will need:

This procedure should take between 10 and 20 minutes.

  1. Ideally clamp the frame in a work stand having first removed the rear wheel. If you don’t have a work-stand, or similar, stand the bike upside down (on its saddle and brake lever hoods, on some rag or old carpet to offer any protection you might want) making sure it won’t topple over. Yes we know it’s against the rules but – if done in private – we won’t tell.
    bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 01_LR

2. Next using a torx, 4 or 5mm allen key (brand dependent), unscrew your rear derailleur mounting screw.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 02_LR

3. Using your 3mm allen key carefully undo the bolts on the existing hanger, taking care not to round of the screw heads. Dig out any mud or crud that may have found its way into the shallow bolt holes with a small allen key, or bradawl. If they feel tight try spraying in some release agent (such as Plus Gas) or some thin teflon lube or similar (from the reverse side) to help lubricate the threads.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 03_LR

4. Once the old hanger is disattached, the frames drop out should look like this.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 04_LR

5. Using your rag, clean any dirt or dried grease from both sides of the dropout including the countersunk bolt heads.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 05_LR

6. With the 3mm allen key attach your replacement hanger being careful not to over tighten and round off the bolt heads. They need less than 3nm of torque.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 06_LR

7. Reattach your rear derailleur after adding a tiny spot of grease on the threads of the mounting screw.
bowman cycles palace hanger replacement 07_LR

8: Re-insert the wheel, run through the gears – they should need no adjustment at all – but it is always worth checking on a work-stand or gentle spin before hitting any efforts in anger.

9: Ride With Spirit.

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