Buying online doesn't mean you can't try before you buy. If you're not sure on sizing after looking at our size guide below, or you just want to feel the award winning handling of our frames, get it contact below to make an appointment for a demo.

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At Bowman we are taking the health of our staff and each and every visitor to the HQ here at the Bowman Service Course.

To That end, we have thorough daily cleaning procedures for staff and all visitors, with hand washing or sanitisation facilities available at all times.

We Have masks on hand for any visitor who may have mislaid or forgotten theirs upon arrival - and we ask that all staff and visitors wear them at all times when interacting indoors and in close proximity.

We are keeping maximum practical distance apart during all encounters, and this may require us to request that vistors stay/ move back during adjustments and set up. Safe areas are clearly designated.

During this time, we unfortunately are unable to offer washing and changing facilities, so ask those coming for test rides to come attired in clothing they are comfortable cycling in.

We will be able toi make adjustments to saddle height, and fit pedals - please ensure your pedals, if you are riding to HQ,m are removable (and not seized), as we are attempting to minimise additional contact with customers bikes during the test ride process.


Full car parking facilities are available, alongside secure storage for your own bike and small bag / rucksack, etc during the test ride. We are also able to facilitate a full 'outside the office' test ride facility if that makes you feel more comfortable.

We have the QR code available for registering for "track and Trace" and keep record of all visitors so we can contact anyone who has visited the premises in the last 14 days.

We look forward to seeing you, riding bikes and keeping everyone safe.



We would always recommend getting good fitting advice from someone who’s opinion you trust, possibly a professional fitter who will be able to interpret our geometry data to determine what size is best for you.

Each person has a preferred riding style and bike set-up so nothing is set in stone when it comes to sizing.

We have a whole page dedicated to advising what size Bowman frame you might need,

Bowman Cycles Demo Ride