Our frames are all named after special locations local to us, places and cherished routes. In and around the North Downs in Kent, this ridge of hills sits just to the south of London, England and has been the home to not only the people behind Bowman, but also has been the location for our passion, knowledge and desire’s growth too.


Our HQ is situated on the northern edge of 127 hectares of open, wild heathland. On this heath, in 1785, the Society of Royal Kentish Bowmen made their home at a building that became known as Bowmans Lodge. Presided over by the Prince of Wales, who went on to reign as George IV, this first archery society with royal approval since the Norman conquests became very popular. Subsequently the surrounding locale became known as Bowmans, with buildings, roads, farms and quarries bearing the name over the next 250 years. Bowman Cycles is just the latest in a long line of endeavours to pay homage to the area’s history.


While all of the team behind Bowman Cycles started their cycling lives elsewhere, it was on our now local lanes, tracks and trails that their passion, spirit and knowledge developed; where the seeds for what became Bowman germinated. The nomenclature of the brand and the bikes themselves is all driven by our locale. Bowman is – quite literally – a product of its environment. For us, where we are from and where we ride is a fundamental pillar to Bowman Cycles.


Inspired by South London’s finest mid-week bike race: Crystal Palace Crits - this road focused speed merchant owes its name to the oft asked query amongst the capital’s racing cyclists “Are you racing Palace tonight?”

Locale Palace


As one of the oldest long distance pilgrimage routes in the UK, the Pilgrims Way passes through our regular riding haunts on its 137 mile gravel and tarmac journey from Winchester to Canterbury, inspiring us to try the road less travelled.

locale pilgrims


While the Foots Cray is far from a cross race bike, it name is inspired by the location of the longest running Cyclo Cross race in the UK. Just 3 miles from our HQ and adjacent to our local cross loops, there was no other option that paying homage.

Locale Foots cray


Living in and around South London, Layhams Road is a route that is travelled so frequently, its potholes, lumps, bumps and profile are etched into our cycling psyche. It is as much a part of winter riding and training as the bike you’re riding.

locale layhams