The slick looking mudguard setups on our builds is something we get asked about a lot, and while they can be a little fiddly, with some work you can get a clean, quiet and solid setup. We often fit our Pilgrims Disc bikes with 45mm mudguards to allow for 30mm tyres as opposed to slimmer mudguards which only allow for upto 28mm, doing so requires a little bit of fettling but it's definitely worth it. We really like SKS Chromoplastic guards as they're sturdy and fit the Pilgrims nicely. Colin has taken a few pics of a recent installation and a quick run-through of how he alters the rear guard to fit:

1. You'll need a Dremel or coping saw, a file and a drillThe tools

2. Slot the mudguard into the seat stays in the position you will fit them and mark the edges where the stays meet the mudguard

3. Cut a semi-circle either side of the guard to the width of your seat stays

4. File any rough edges or shave a couple of extra millimetres off if you haven't cut it enough

5. Throw the supplied mudguard bridge away and drill a small hole to mount the guard to give a super clean look. Fit the guards on the bike and enjoy a dry bum and plenty of friends on your next wet bike ride!

Extra tip: you might want to protect the paintwork around the cuts with some clear plastic tape just in case there is any rubbing.

For the front mudguard make sure you use an M4 bolt for the fork crown mount, this may not be supplied as standard with your mudguards. If you have any questions on setup get in touch.

Let us know how you get on! #RideWithSpirit